Robert Ros’ Publications

Publications 2013

A Physical Sciences Network Characterization of Non-tumorigenic and Metastatic Cells. Sci Rep. 2013
A physical sciences network characterization of non-tumorigenic and metastatic cells.

Publications 2012

Long Lifetime of Hydrogen-bonded DNA Basepairs by Force Spectroscopy. Biophys J. May 2012
Long lifetime of hydrogen-bonded DNA basepairs by force spectroscopy.

Identifying single bases in a DNA oligomer with electron tunnelling, published in Nature Nanotechnology, ONLINE: 14 NOVEMBER 2010 (

Publications 2011

Antibody-Unfolding and Metastable-State Binding in Force Spectroscopy and Recognition Imaging, published in the Biophysical Journal, Volume 100, January 2011. 243–250.

AFM Stiffness Nanotomography of Normal, Metaplastic and Dysplastic Human Esophageal Cells, published in Phys. Biol. 8 (2011) 015007.

Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy: a Method for Quantitative Analysis of Ligand-Receptor Interactions, published in Nanomedicine (2010) 5(4).

Publications 2010

Identifying Single Bases in a DNA Oligomer with Electron Tunneling. Nat Nanotechnol. December 2010.
Identifying single bases in a DNA oligomer with electron tunneling.

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