Open Seminar – Robert H. Austin – Ten Crazy Ideas About Cancer

Speaker: Robert Austin, Ph D. Professor of Physics and Director of the Princeton PS-OC.

Location: Biodesign Auditorium

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Date & Time: September 8th, 2011 12:00 p.m.

Title: Ten Crazy Ideas About Cancer

Although Paul Davies wanted me to talk about 10 Crazy Ideas for the Physics of Cancer, I have decided to pare the list down to 5. I am coming to the opinion that there are very deep concepts in biology which, while they may not be “new physics”, in a sense transcend what we usually view as things easily explained by the standard physics world-view. I also am forming the opinion that our failure to “cure” cancer, or even make substantial inroads into the mortality rate, indicates that there are things about biology and cancer that we as physicists miss using the standard physics world-view. I’ll try to give 5 examples of things physicists don’t get about biology, and cancer.

Thank you and if you have questions please contact Pauline Davies! And don’t forget, coffee will be served!

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