Project 1 Team Members

Project Lead: Robert Ros

  • Robert Ros (Principal Investigator) is Associate Professor for Physics at Arizona State University. He joined ASU in 2008 from Bielefeld University as Associate Professor for Physics. He is an experimental biophysicist with expertise in force spectroscopy, and the combination of AFM with confocal microscopy. His research interests in the field of nanobiophysics includes structural biology, physics of molecular recognition, conformational dynamics of single (bio-)molecules and cell mechanics using scanning probe methods, force spectroscopy technologies, fluorescence microscopy, and nanophotonics. More Info

  • Rory Staunton

    Rory Staunton studied physics and philosophy at North Carolina State University before coming to the ASU physics PhD program in ’09. He chose to pursue nanobiophysics because it is at the intersection of many interesting and rapidly developing fields. His current research in the Ros lab is on the mechanical interplay between cells and their microenvironment in the context of cancer progression and metastasis.

  • Bryant Doss is a Physics PhD student with Dr. Robert Ros. His undergraduate education consists of BS Physics and BS Computer Science from West Virginia University. His lab duties include experimental AFM nanoindentation and analysis of single cells as well as fluorescence lifetime experiments of single cells.

  • Michael Gilbert is a physics graduate student working in Dr. Robert Ros’ Lab. He received my BS in Space Physics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is currently working on Finite Element simulations of cellular indentation.

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