Physics Not Biology May Be Key to Beating Cancer – Paul Davies

AS THE US faces up to its “fiscal cliff” of massive spending cuts, a major issue is burgeoning health costs. High on the list of those costs is cancer therapy, with the clamour for hugely expensive drugs – many of which have little or no clinical benefit – set to grow as baby boomers age.

Cancer research swallows billions of dollars a year, but the life expectancy for someone diagnosed with cancer that has spread to other parts of the body has changed little over several decades. Therapy is often a haphazard rearguard action against the inevitable. And the search for a general cure remains as elusive as ever.

Recognising this depressing impasse, the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) took a bold step in 2008 by deciding that the field might benefit from the input of mathematicians and physical scientists, whose methods and insights differ markedly from those of cancer …

New Scientist Magazine

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