Education and Outreach

This website  provides a window to the research program, and  hosts research papers, podcasts, webcasts and and other news items. An annual high-profile public lecture is held at ASU under the theme ”Opening a new front in the war on cancer”. The first lecture was given in December 2009 by Lee Hartwell, Nobel Laureate and Director of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (view video). The aim of the lecture is to engage the broader public in cutting edge ideas that have the potential to bring about dramatic change in the understanding and control of cancer, and to showcase innovative thinking about cancer research at the PS-OC and throughout the network. The lectures are videotaped and made available to the network via this website. The Cancer Forum’s activities, especially the workshops, form the basis of carefully-crafted and edited podcasts that can be found in the Workshops section of this website. Transcripts of the podcasts are available on this site.  We host monthly research seminars that are open to the public – details can be found in the Events Calendar. The seminars are recorded and can be watched in real time or accessed on a later occasion. Media production is managed by Pauline Davies, who has many years experience as a science and health broadcaster with the BBC and Radio National in Australia.